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Nuisance Monsters Dump by bhakri Nuisance Monsters Dump by bhakri
this is basically my college admission portfolio stuff
i'll copy paste this part of my artist statement and all that jazz here
here's my portfolio if you'd like to see, but I still have to post the finalized illustrations for the monsters: [link]

(warning for lots of words below)

" More recently I’ve been exploring these metaphorical monsters in physical forms, or as I have been calling them, “Nuisance Monsters.” Their innate abilit­ies aren’t inherently evil; they merely cause life’s daily annoyances. Whether it’s that lost sock in the dryer, the scale that keeps going up, or the birds that just won’t shut up at 4 am- all of it can be blamed on these little pests. In spite of their creepy appearances, they also have endearingly human motives. The Grimlen, for example, feels self-conscious about its terrifying appearance, which drives it to cloak itself in well-loved objects in a fruitless attempt to be adored. I hope to breathe a personality into every monster I construct, separating them from the mindless beasts of lore.
The 3D sculptures of the “Nuisance Monsters” can grasped, thrown, and hugged by the viewer, thus compensating for the fact that their presence is invisible in daily life. This interaction is a way for people to come to terms with these annoyances, to accept that their occurrence is only natural- similar to the Greeks’ use of numerous gods and goddesses to explain natural phenomena. Along with the sculptures I am making a set of illustrations and nursery rhymes that explain what each monster does, and when I am finished with this series I plan to bind all of the pictures in book form."

oof words

i made little blurbs for each monster explaining what they do (not the nursery rhymes I mentioned):
yay more words

(gold giraffe crow thing)
The Flattergast is your shopping buddy when you're shopping alone. It's great at finding bargains, but it tells you to buy that 100 dollar couch that you have no room for at home. You disregard this issue because the Flattergast tells you that you'll never have the chance to buy a red velvet couch for $100 again.

(orange bird thing)
(OH BTW i put some red LEDs behind the eyes but they're hard to see here since the photo is so well-lit)
The Earlbird is a flightless bird monster of suburbia. Its species is very rare, so it attempts to blend in with other birds, usually ending in rejection. It found its place with its loud, high-pitched squawk, audible to only birds and other animals- This squawk functions as an alarm clock for its food-competitive counterparts.
Unfortunately, the preferred wake-up time for the birds is much earlier than yours, so the unbearable cacophony of chirping wakes you up at an ungodly hour.

(black demonic thing)
The Grimlen is commonly known as the monster that hangs out in your child's closet. Unfortunately, your child has made such a ruckus about him being "scary" and "terrible" that he's begun to feel self-conscious about his appearance. Now the Grimlen sews your child's favorite dolls and blankets to himself in some strange attempt to make himself cuter, but your child has no idea where the coveted items went. More whining ensues.

so much college stress agg
why future
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bear48 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Professional
these are great 
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I love that baby one <333
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my gawd these are the greatest things ever
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I like everything about these.
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November 28, 2012
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